A deep American voice informs us that, “We only massacred Vietnamese civilians just that one time. At My Lai.”

He thinks it best to keep the witnesses silent and the evidence hidden.

A friendly English voice confides in us, “Trust me, for they do have weapons of Mass Destruction.”

He thinks it best to cajole a nation into war using truths that have been broken and crippled.

A passionate voice cries out to the World in Hebrew, “We are only defending ourselves against Palestinian terrorists.”

He does not mention the theft of land and water. He fails to talk about the thousands of protestors who are hurt and maimed. And he never speaks about the Palestinian children who are killed. Indeed, is “killed” a word that can fully describe what happens when one nation blows apart with missiles the children of another? Such a word should render the listener unable to speak. Make them faint with horror. This new word could perhaps be shaped from the tears of a grieving mother.

And what do ordinary people do with liars? Why, we vote them into power.


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