[I composed this while celebrating the festive season. I was in a Bar which was only half a mile away from five vivisection laboratories.]

The Vivisector is the Death Director, shooting in black and white

“Action”, she shouts, “Give me more”

No-one can see through her tightly shut door

That there’s blood on the floor

Do you think she takes the electrodes out of their skulls on this night?

For the festive season, and for no other reason.

Scene one is shot in a prison, the extras mill about

Some are crying and the lifers are dying to get out

No crackers for the prisoners as they eat their Christmas pie

No cards to browse through as they cough, or limp, or die

With a “Ho Ho Ho”, the rats line up under the mistletoe,

An eye or two missing, too ugly to be kissing

Covered in scars, yet never been in a fight

All singing carols on this Christmas night.

Holding paws in a perfect ring

The cats all dance and the dogs all sing,

“Goodwill and Christmas Cheer

“May we all be Happy at this time of Year”


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