I recently read in some magazine, a Hunt follower asking for Hunting with Hounds to continue because: “there are so many wonderful poems about the beauty of the hunt”. His idea of Nature and my idea of Nature are different. As is his idea of Poetry and my idea of Poetry.

Eleu-in, Eleu-in, Eleu-in. Eleu-in, Eleu-in, Eleu-in there. Edawick, Edawick, Edawick.  Hike, Hike, Hike. Hike to Govenor. Hike, Hike, Hike. Hike, Hike, Hike to Govenor.      

[All commands to hounds in this poem are shouted, coarse, and said with venom. Some single and double notes blown on the horn are interspersed with the voice calls. This poem can be performed without the horn if the performer cannot blow a hunting horn.]

Cry of the Huntsman, heard on the cold wind

Call of the lead hounds, angry and loud

Horn sounds ever nearer, nowhere to run

Humans are coming, it is me that they seek

Enjoying the view, valleys and hills,

Exultant their screams as I break from my wood

Poet’s pleasure at the sunset, stealing the light

Pressing me hard, hounds laugh at my plight


Weeeeeeuuuuughhhhhhh           [a holloa]

Weeeeeeuuuuughhhhhhh             [a holloa]

Tally-Ho o-ver!                       [finger points to “fox”]

“Blowing Away” blown on the horn.

Do I run, do I turn, try hard to fight?

Death follows so near, biting the air

Twelve and a half couple, cowards every one!

Tell my tale through the long night, the one fight I lost

Bury my bones, beside the quick stream

Begin the mourning, tell my wife that I died

Gather my friends, and tell of my brave deeds

Go forth and sing, the song of my life

Running through leaves, littered with mud

Rail tracks and road, slowly pass by

Turn round and face them, the leaders charge in

Twisting and biting, they tear at my guts….


Rip im and eat im!

Rip im and eat im!

Rip im and eat im!

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

“The Kill” blown on the horn.

I have been a Hunt Sab and a tactics officer. Hunts still go out in Scotland (although what they do has changed slightly). I have sabbed Hunts under the new Law in Scotland. The Foxes still suffer as much. There needs to be a full ban in Scotland.

I have been an animal rights activist (a non-violent one who uses – I hope – ahimsa) most of my adult life. And I am a Buddhist and a vegan.

I am glad to perform poetry for free at any animal rights event in Central Scotland.

I can be seen performing this poem as part of a set at a Poetry night in Glasgow: (4minutes 30 seconds in)

To see what is really happening at Hunts in Scotland see:


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