Whale meat

Whale meat ( Kujira, is the Japanese word for whale).


Many years ago, while protesting outside the International Whaling Commission at Brighton, I met two Japanese whalers. Being a Buddhist, I asked them how they could condone the killing of whales (they were also both Buddhists). They said that it was wrong but added that they said prayers of regret after they had killed the whale.


Whale is the wonder in the deep darkening

Dye red the waves as the spray sparkling

Dying in the depth and the seabirds scattering


Harpoon shreds flesh and a song, fading fast

Pain, as her lover, slowly moving past

Cold is the sea, for the sun never lasts


Carved up on deck, not knowing her name

Songs of regret, but no sense of shame

Eaten by candlelight, no taste of blame


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