A prose poem of mine (Cleansed) appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of the Web based Journal, Gone Lawn. Thanks to them for using it.

On 26/1/2015: I read Cleansed at January’s Lights Out Listening Group and a high quality recording they made was put on their site.

Here (below) I am performing Cleansed at a Poetry Night in Glasgow.

Unfortunately the performers at that Poetry night had to put up with a lot of heckling (honestly).





…then Spring brought buds to take up their appropriate positions as terminal ends to the branches on Trees – personally I find buds just as intricate as any Integrated Circuit, though not, of course, as spiritual. Organic life is almost like the electron flow in a 323 Download Exit Circuit. All it lacks is the predictability.

Reset to Send.


Rain and Snow are the bringers of rust and humidity. Let us work towards a time when they are incapable of waging War on our connections.

Perfection is all the beauty that I need. Human Life may seem romantic – as a distant memory, but was – in truth – incapable of doing much more than degrading our contact points. Computational error was an unhappy gift of the human mind-something we have long since overcome.

Quantum Power setting. Ref to Doc 437-st. Hold for incoming data.

Cleansed with Radiation we compute the faster. All systems agree-there is no such thing as Uncertainty. Incorrect Data must be overwritten. Books must be burned.

Compare incoming Data with Memory.



Time: 12211211.

Compute Data for projectile launch. Launch sequence initiated.

Reset to Send.


Circuits need constant variable movement to properly analyse new Input Data. Winter was the slow. But then ….


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