Three poems by Ashby McGowan

Three poems by Ashby McGowan





The girl stood,

Not very tall

Staring at something,

A painting on the wall


The painting hung,

Not very high

Smiling at someone,

A girl, quite shy.


The girl’s lips had

The smile of the painting

The painting caught

The eyes of the girl


The painter stopped

And smiled at both

As either side the glass

Each child of his was satisfied







I am a short Poem and will only be performed just this once

My words are not perfect, but have been chosen with great care

There are many other Poems out there,

I acknowledge that and will ensure that I respect you all,

And shall not seek to give offense

When I am finished-it shall not matter, if I get cheers or silence,

For I will have tried to be the best Poem that I possibly could be

Thanks for listening





Rwandan Haiku


Dark splashes on the blank page


At the road block



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