I am not a heroine



Written after hearing a speaker (who was visiting Glasgow) from,

Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour




In China we don’t have heroines,

So I know that I am not a heroine

I carry all the shopping on my own,

But so little pay means there’s not much to carry

And yes, I don’t have time to meet new friends

So my workmates are my friends.

The machine is not my friend,

It is my enemy. It wears me out. It cuts me

So many accidents when:

You work so hard

Work so long

Work so fast

And aren’t trained

I am not a heroine!

I do though suffer when I speak up for my fellow workers

The Bosses all hate me

When I try to organise strikes, then the Police hate me. They take the Bosses side

If anyone is a heroine, it is the Human Rights lawyer

But she is in jail

We are not allowed to have heroines,

In China


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