What went wrong? (a prose poem)


What went wrong?

Every window


A crater that kills the road

     23 bodies blown

                                                          To bits and

15 bodies than could have been


           Put back together –

If the Hospital hadn’t


Been targeted

                                                 Men, women, children, and one

Foetus dead – in the womb




What went wrong?

Practising another religion

From a far-away land

With a different colour skin

With a different culture

With a different language

With a different set of values

Can those demonstrative mothers really be said to Grieve

Like a British Mother or an American Mother?


What went wrong?

Bribes are the oil that lubricates trade

Trade is a wheel that supports the Government


What went wrong?

This item in our catalogue has a high rate of successful detonation

It did what it was meant to do

“One of our most popular items”


What went wrong?

Looking with the Company’s eyes

Thinking with the Company’s brain



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