Many great thinkers believe that we have only a 50/50 chance of surviving the next 50 years. I think we need to make provision for the strong possibility that none of us will be here in 50 years’ time. This is called, Forward Planning. I do not think many forward thinkers doubt this 50/50 figure. If we accept it then we need to do the next logical thing.

I am being totally genuine with this idea.

The United Nations takes ten billion pounds from the World’s armies. They will not miss it. We build the Big Sign. The Big Sign has to be big enough that it can be seen from space. It also has to survive a full scale nuclear war. We need to alert other alien life forms to what we have done.

The sign is to say, “The war mongers destroyed this planet. Learn from our mistake.”

Hopefully, the viewers from space will be able to translate the message. Perhaps on the moon a similar message can be put with the addition of a radio transmitter giving out an aliens’ guide to English. Or, it may be that we will have to use simple pictures (instead of a message in English).

Out of our misfortune, perhaps we can save another race of beings from making a similar mistake.

Ashby McGowan


Please mention this idea to others if you think it worthwhile.



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